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iD2 at Olinde's Furniture

We're no strangers to sleep.
That's because we're mattress manufacturing and design experts with over 100 years of combined experience.

There is a one simple reason why today’s consumer has no idea what is inside their expensive memory foam mattress; the manufacturers don’t want them to know. If one were to open up their mattress they would find nothing more than a big, unappealing block of foam – hardly justification for the high retail price. Especially when, after only a couple of years (or sooner), they find themselves sinking ever deeper into the mattress, hot and dismayed by the lack of support.

Furthermore, our bodies can change over the course of a decade. Why shouldn’t our mattress be able to adapt and change along with us?

It does with iD2.

By combining revolutionary foam innovation, patented cooling technology, and a unique customization system, iD2 has created the world’s most advanced and exquisitely designed sleep system available. You’ll not only feel the difference, you see it too.

The first eye-catching feature of iD2 is the luxurious, cool-to-the-touch cover: infused with Outlast® technology developed by NASA.

But it’s what’s on the inside that truly sets iD2 apart.

iD2 employs multiple colorful and innovative laser-sculpted contoured foam layers, each specially designed to complement the other in order to create a sleep system of unprecedented sophistication and innovation.

But don't just take our word for it. Find the iD2 retailer nearest you and experience, first hand, just how incredible our mattresses are.
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